Coombe Lodge – A Winter Wonderland

In October we saw some truly beautiful Autumn Weddings including this Halloween one!  The gardens have literally been ablaze with colour, adding a marvellous backdrop to all the events.

There have been some changes in the team and we wish a heartfelt farewell to Eric and a hearty hello to Aimee.  The Chef and Event Managers have been working hard on the new menus which are due to be published next month.  As well as some new signature dishes, there will some quirky additions to the evening menus.

As BBC news reported the first snow of the season in Snowdonia earlier this month, the team can’t help looking forward to December and hoping for some snow to make the Winter Weddings all the more magical.  With the Christmas tree due to arrive on 1st December, it’s time to remember where we put the decorations from last year!


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