Meet the Events Team At Coombe Lodge

Bring on 2021! 

It is safe to say that this year has certainly tested everyone and in places has been incredibly hard, but our Coombe Lodge family here remains just as strong (if not stronger!) and continues to be extremely proud and passionate about what we all love doing!

We are all ready to hit the ground running and couldn’t be more excited to be working all together again, and we cannot wait to celebrate your big day with you.

With the doors re-opening as of the 12th April we thought now was a good a time as any to introduce ourselves and the amazing team behind the scenes here at Coombe Lodge, our Wedding & Events Venue near Bristol.

Getting to know us…

Tom – Director of Events

Tom at Coombe Lodge

Tom joined our team in 2012 and has very much earned his position of our Director of Events.

Previous experience includes time at Luxury Country House Hotels and starting up an almond orchard pruning company in Australia. His dedication is second to none and was very much proven over this pandemic by moving his family into the house to make sure everything remained safe. To be honest, his kids loved it!

The girls very much know that he is there whenever they need him. A great go-to for guidance, help and if you’re lucky he will even hit you with a famous quote. He is also great for making coffee and just an all-round morale boaster (just be aware of his dad jokes)! He is keen runner, competitive and loves a challenge!

What’s at the top of your bucket list: Run the Marathon Des Sables

Most memorable moment of your job: Plenty that could be said but is not to be mentioned. One that does come to mind and passes the screening test is me having to sew a bridesmaid into her dress (just before the ceremony may I add) - just call me Mary Poppins! 

Fun Fact about yourself:  I made the front page of the Tasmanian Mercury whilst travelling Australia. This is my claim to fame!

Top Wedding Tip:  Despite what everyone says, Sambuca before the ceremony is not a good idea #youknowwhoyouare!

Martha – Senior Event Manager


Martha has been part of the Coombe Lodge team since 2013 and is a hugely valued member of the Coombe Lodge Family. With many years of experience in the weddings and hospitality industry she plays an instrumental role in ensuring that all couples hosting their wedding at Coombe Lodge have the most amazing experience. She has acute attention to detail and loves nothing more than helping Brides and Grooms plan the perfect wedding at our breath taking wedding venue near Bristol. Before joining the team she went to the University of Gloucestershire to study Sport & Exercise Science where she was awarded a first class honours degree (which to this day she cannot believe)!

She loves nothing more than supporting the lovely ladies who work alongside her and couldn’t be prouder of the team they have all become.

What’s at the top of your bucket list:  To take an epic road trip through France (mostly for the wine) and to head on down the Amalfi coast!

Most memorable moment of your job: The moment I always go back to has to be when a Father of the Bride, who was predominately wheel chair bound, spent the whole year in intensive physiotherapy to walk his daughter down the aisle. It is safe to say he did it and very quickly became a real hero of mine!

Fun Fact about yourself: I have a 14 metal pins in my left wrist! A result of a skiing accident which led to not a lot of skiing and a lot more après ski! I can also say there wasn’t much ‘Fun’ about it but it is definitely a story!

Top Wedding Tip: Take a moment on your day to just stop and watch! The day always go so quickly, so take a breather with each other and look over what you achieved! It will be at this exact moment that you realise all the planning, sleepless nights, decision making was totally worth it!

Jasmine – Event Manager

Jasmine joined Coombe Lodge as a waiting member back in 2013 and soon showed amazing potential which led to her being promoted to an Event Manager early 2015. Since then, Jasmine has continued to show great knowledge and passion for Events.

When you meet Jasmine, you will quickly realise that her biggest passion (other than Coombe of course) is her cat Cosmo - who has had the pivotal role of becoming at times the office cat.

Food and fine wine are Jasmine’s forte – she loves a good restaurant and creating amazing dishes in her own kitchen.

What’s at the top of your bucket list: To see the Big 5 in South Africa on Safari

Most memorable moment of your job:  It is really cliché but for me personally, it has to be when I was promoted to Event Manager! 

Fun Fact about yourself:  Not sure if you can tell but I LOVE cats!

Top Wedding Tip:  Don’t sweat the small stuff! Remember the reason why your getting married and let us help take the stress away for you. We promise your day will be simply perfect!

Clara – Event Manager

 Clara - Event Manager at Coombe Lodge

Clara joined our team in 2018 and fitted in perfectly into our Coombe Lodge family. Before this she studied Events at University and continued to gain a great amount of experience in many managerial roles. So it is safe to say that Events (and weddings) really are her passion. She loves meeting our couples and creating an amazing bond with them and is always determine to make their day perfect! She is also a great support network for our waiting team and for everyone else that works around her.

One of her loves is her horse Harvey (sadly couldn’t have him as an office pet) but he is the perfect companion for her favourite hobby of summer time rides along the beach. During lockdown she has turned her hands to some amazing craft work and has been busy baking sourdough with her partner which has been a great success!

What’s at the top of your bucket list:  To go travelling around New Zealand. I have always wanted to go and it just looks like the most beautiful country.

Most memorable moment of your job:  This has to be when the power went down in the village which affected us during a wedding I was running. Safe to say it was a real team effort all around to make sure the day continued to run perfectly!

Fun Fact about yourself:  I LOVE horses

Top Wedding Tip:  Make sure when you’re planning that you remember it’s your day. Don’t let too many people influence your decisions. If you want a 5-tier cake, get it! You only get this day once (hopefully) so make sure it is exactly what you pictured and that it is perfect!

Charlotte – Event Manager


Charlotte joined our team in Spring 2019 and my god has she slotted straight in! She instantly became a key member of our ‘Coombe Lodge’ family and has since felt like she has worked with us from day 1.

When you meet Charlotte, you instantly know that weddings are her passion. It was actually at the age of 7 that she knew she wanted to be a wedding planner – so it is safe to say she is in her dream job. Before joining us she spent 4 years working on the Grand Pier in Weston Super Mare as an Event Co-ordinator alongside volunteering at events for charities and local sports clubs. 

There is nothing she loves more than meeting our clients from the moment they walk through the door to saying goodbye to them the morning after their special day.

What’s at the top of your bucket list:  To go to the Maldives

Most memorable moment of your job:  Being that person that the Bride is looking at before she walks down that aisle.

Fun Fact about yourself:  I am the office fitness motivator and I encourage all the team to let me be their personal trainer (Some love it more than others!). ‘Pop World’ playlist is always mandatory.

Top Wedding Tip:  Do you! Don’t let anyone else influence your decisions, it’s your day not theirs!

Leanne – Events Office Manager

Leanne is actually the longest standing member of the Coombe Lodge Team (2011 to be precise!) and sits right at the heart of our family. She certainly doesn’t like to be centre of attention and much prefers to work quietly behind the scenes. This being said, she very much has a presence with us all and is always there as a helping hand. She is well-organised, methodical and has a real eye for detail and is always first to volunteer when we are up against it. We truly wouldn’t be the same team without her.

Her loves would be to spend time with her family, go for a swim and picnics by the sea.

What’s at the top of your bucket list: To visit Australia!

Most memorable moment of your job: I actually got married at Coombe Lodge myself, it truly was the happiest day of my life!

Fun Fact about yourself:  I am the mother to two lovely boys, Callum and Morgan.

Top Wedding Tip:  Enjoy every minute of it! Don’t sweat the small stuff.


The team cannot wait to see you all very soon! 



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