New Year - New Trends

Happy New Year!

We cannot wait to see all of our 2020 couples tie the knot after almost 2 years of planning for most.

But the question on most people’s lips is, what is this year’s up and coming trends.  

I don’t know about you, but we absolutely love flicking through a bridal magazine, scrolling through Instagram and getting carried away on Pinterest. But that still can be overwhelming and perhaps make that theme or colour scheme decision even more challenging than it already is.

Do not be alarmed! This is why we have created this make it easier for you, or to throw an extra spanner in the works.

So what is this year’s biggest wedding trends...?

 The Year

Getting married in 2020.

It seems that 2020 is the year to get married. That is a trend in itself! - you would not believe the amount of enquiries we have received from couples who wish to get married this year and still are receiving.

We really do wish we could accommodate all of you lovely couples, but 365 days just isn’t enough time! But to all of you lucky ones that have managed to secure your date with us this year, big tick to you! We hope you’re as excited as us about your big day at Coombe Lodge.


Greys - We know, we thought that too.

But actually after seeing even more of it, We are completely in love with the concept. Add a splash of sage greens, dusty blues or lavender you are onto an insta style wedding!

We have created a Pinterest board over on our Coombe Lodge Pinterest for you to see what we can thank us later.

Location Location Location

Every year we see more and more brides and grooms dreaming of getting married outside and ‘Garden Weddings’ are starting to become the in thing for 2020.

We really do know just how lucky we are with how stunning our courtyard and gardens look set up for a civil ceremony and for your garden party, before you sit down to celebrate your marriage with your guests.

Add in some garden games, pimms and maybe even table tennis and you’ve created your own Wimbledon inspired wedding party in our stunning gardens. Weather permitting of course, we do live in England!

We all have our fingers crossed here at Coombe Lodge for sunshine this year. Because we love the sound of the garden party trend, we are pretty sure you will love it too.


Possibly the biggest decision a woman will ever have to make in her life, no pressure ladies.

So here we are doing the research for you, so that we can keep you in the loop on what you will find on the rails when you go on the biggest hunt of your life for that perfect dress.

Textures, that’s right it’s not all about the perfect silky smooth dress. Textures have arrived, whether it be 3D flowers, added lace or some beading and even sequins. If you have at least one of these extra textures you really are onto a dress to remember.

Detachable Train, they are making a comeback, stepping onto the aisles a few years ago they are here to take over 2020, just in a different way. Create two looks from one dress with that little accessory. We think they are absolutely to die for. The great news is, if you want to jump onto this one, you may be able to sweet talk your bridal store to add it on.

You may need to see all do this to believe it, so of course what have we gone and done?! Gone straight to our Wedding Inspo bible aka Pinterest and created yet another Pinterest Board dedicated to THE dress.

The Suits

We thought we best not leave the men out on this one, it’s kind of their day too right?!

So here goes, what are the men going for this year to stand out from the crowd? To make sure they are looking extra dapper on their big day too?

Navy, yup that’s right. Nothing to over the top, just a classic navy. Any groom, groomsman or groomsmaid would look incredible in Navy.

But, go on splash out, let’s go a little more out there shall we?! After all it is the year of 2020.

A little at a time though, we know it’s not for everyone.

Patterned ties, step away from the plain tie. That was so last year.

Why not try floral, spots or stripes. Tie it in with your bridesmaid’s dresses, perhaps dusty blue? And there you have it, so on trend yet not over the top or out of your comfort zone. A little something always goes a long way.

But what if you’re feeling brave, let’s go for it.

A contrast vest? Or maybe even a velvet jacket. We said it, velvet has made a comeback. Gents are you feeling brave, we think you can pull it off. Go on stand out on your big day, it doesn’t always have to be about the dress (we know it does ladies, but we have to boost the grooms confidence too) it’s all about YOUR suit too.

There’s only one thing for it, get onto Pinterest! We have had so much fun creating new boards to go with every trend in our first blog of 2020.

We can only apologise now for any confusion that is caused from this post, just remember you don’t have to do everything.

Or you’re welcome for all the inspo and here’s to the trendiest weddings of the year.


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