Five Twists in Tradition

Weddings are all about traditions, from the bride not seeing the groom the morning of the wedding to the lucky silver six pence in the shoe. Given the history of wedding traditions it is no wonder that so many bride and grooms find themselves doing something that thousands have done before. We are however finding more couple’s breaking away from tradition and adding a twist to make it truly theirs.

1. The Guest Book

The guest book for years has been a keepsake for words of wisdom for the happy couple.  We are however beginning to see a fresh new take on this wedding essential -from messages in bottles to be opened on future anniversaries, to finger print trees or even wooden hearts laid out for everyone to sign. Picking something that you can display or use in future is a brilliantly practical alternative to this wedding tradition.

2. The Wedding Cake

A traditional towering confection is a wedding mainstay and although wedding cake will never go out of style, some couples have begun to forgo tradition in favour of personality. Some delight in towers of cupcakes, doughnuts or macaroons while others ditch cake altogether and favour the savoury option. The Cheese Tower seems to be the new favourite, allowing for several options which will see your guests coming back for more.

3. Throwing the Bouquet

The tradition of the bouquet toss has fallen by the wayside for brides who don’t want to put their single ladies on display. Instead, ideas of presenting the bouquet to a special lady like Grandma are being implemented. What was once an elbow-throwing extravaganza can now be transformed into a special moment.

4. The first dance

When it comes to the first dance, the mere thought of it can leave couples feeling a little nervous.Who, after all wants all eyes on them as they share such an intimate moment with their loved one? It is therefore no surprise that couples are beginning to include their bridal party in a livelier group dance. A great way of getting everyone onto that dance floor to help put a spin on the traditional!

5. The wedding photo’s 

It has always been down to the professional to capture the special moments of the day. Couples however have began to call upon their guests to help build the photo portfolio. The use of Instagram has quickly become a popular trend to the big day – by creating their own hashtag couples are encouraging their guests to take pictures which helps collect and share photos from guests. A great way to get all the unforgettable shots of the day!


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