Getting Pinterest Savvy!

It is safe to say that we are well and truly in the digital age when it comes to planning a wedding. Although there is still some nostalgia to cutting out parts from magazines to create a scrapbook, bulky folders and stacks of handwritten notes, we are finding more often that our couples are turning more towards online tools and platforms to help create their perfect day.

Pinterest plays a huge role for our modern day brides! Whether you are newly engaged, or have been secretly planning your wedding for the last 5 years, it is likely you have stumbled across Pinterest. And by ‘Stumbled across’ we mean……obsessively scrolling, clicking and saving pins of flowers, dresses, cakes and more wedding-related inspiration than you know what to do with!

 Although Pinterest is a great tool to have when planning your wedding as it offers endless visual inspiration – it can also become overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Hopefully these friendly pointers will help you become a pro when it comes to using Pinterest to help plan your wedding!

1. Getting Pinterest ready! 

Have you signed up yet? Pinterest has become much more than just a collection of amazing images (although we love looking through them), it is also a great way to gather your ideas, communicate with your suppliers, learn how to become the master of DIY, and help shape your wedding vision. Pinterest gives you access to all the inspiration you will ever need to create your dream wedding - and the best bit about it all is that it is completely free!

2. Using Pinterest the right way! 

When it comes to navigating your way through Pinterest the key is to maintain an organised approach because if you do not, you could end up feeling overwhelmed very quickly!

Get your boards organised 

Once you have signed up you will see on your profile that you have an option to create different ‘boards’ with different titles. Before you start the fun task of pinning it is always worthwhile to think of the priority parts to your day, whether this be the flowers, the dress, décor, your hair and make-up…the list does truly go on. Once you have determined these points a key piece of advice would be to create boards for each category i.e. one for ‘Dream Dress’ this way, you can save each pin to the relevant category and keep things nice and tidy!

Keeping things hush hush

Secret boards are a great use if you are connected to friends and family on Pinterest but want to keep some things as a surprise. You will find the option to create secret boards on your profile; what is great about these boards are that they are only visible to you, so you can pin to your hearts content without giving any of the details away!

Finding your dream pins

Great, so your boards are all neatly categorised and set-up but are currently empty. Where do you start?

When you first sign into Pinterest you have the option to follow certain categories like ‘weddings’, ‘pretty flowers’. By following these certain categories, Pinterest will then tailor your search to reflect this. Therefore, every time you sign-in there will be hundreds of wedding-related pins waiting for you.

Make sure to be specific – Pinterest can be pretty broad so be directive with it, type in your specific colour scheme or theme ‘Vintage Wedding’ etc. The clever thing about Pinterest is that once you click on an image you love, it will suggest similar photos that may help with your inspiration.

Click! Pin! Repeat!

You will find you will get into this rhythm quickly; however, a top tip to add to this sequence is to always take the time to comment. Each time you pin an image make sure to explain why you have chosen to save that particular photo. It can become too easy to just pin image after image and you will soon find yourself with lots of pictures and a confused idea as to why you pinned. Just a simple few words to help explain why you saved certain pictures like ‘love this colour scheme’ will become a helpful reference when you re-visit pins that you have saved months beforehand. By doing this will really help pull all your ideas together.

3. Communicate with your bridal tribe

You will find that most of your bridal party and wedding suppliers also have a Pinterest account. The great thing about sharing your ideas with you bridesmaids etc is that they can help in the decision making process which lets face is priceless support when it comes to planning.

It is also a really easy way to communicate your wedding ideas to your suppliers visually so they know exactly what you’re after when you first meet. For example, by inviting your florist to collaborate on your ‘floral inspiration’ board, they will be able to browse through your pins to get a good idea of your preference and style (this is where the comments come in handy!). Your florist can then add their own inspiration and notes on your original pins to help you bounce ideas of each other!

4.Get crafty with it!

If you are planning a DIY wedding and wanting to make some of the details yourself then Pinterest is the perfect tool for this especially if you want to save some pennies!

Whether it is creating your own personalised wedding favours or making your own decorations – Pinterest has got you covered. Just search what you are looking for i.e. ‘DIY wedding favours’ and find what you love, simply click through to the original source and laid out before you will be step by step instructions to find out how to do it yourself! What could be better?!

5.Be Realistic

It is crucial to keep in mind that a lot of the weddings you see on Pinterest are carefully orchestrated styled shoots. Behind these images would have been a team of professional stylists that have spent countless hours creating that beautiful table set up that has been edited to perfection. These shoots (although stunning) would be extremely difficult and expensive to replicate for your entire wedding. So keep it realistic and use it as a tool for your inspiration. Also make sure to keep it unique, add your own spin onto something you see because that is what truly makes your wedding day your very own!

By keeping all these tips in mind, you will become the Pinterest pro in no time! Embrace Pinterest for what it is, make sure not to get too overwhelmed and make it a fun way to enjoy the process of planning the wedding you have always dreamed of!


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