Our 8 favourite ways to honour your mum on your Wedding Day

With it being Mother’s Day we thought it the perfect occasion to throw the spotlight on all the important ladies in our lives and to show them a little love that they so deserve. We have been so lucky to witness so many heart-warming moments here at Coombe Lodge and would love to share our favourite ways on how to make your mum feel special. 

Our Advice 

There is a good chance that your mum is just as excited (if not more so) about your big day as you are – and with good reason! Like you, she has been dreaming about this day since you were born and no doubt will be on hand to provide that additional love and support you need.

Whether you’ve designed every detail with her by your side, taken her to choose your dress, or want her to be just as surprised as your guests when she walks into your reception – we feel your big day is just as important to her as it is you. And while moments like walking down the aisle and father-daughter dances are usually designed with dad in mind, we think mum deserves just as much recognition too!  

Help your mum to choose her wedding day outfit

Your wedding is probably going to be one of the biggest days for your mum, so she wants to look her absolute best. One of the high points of any wedding planning is shopping for the bridal gown. Your mum will no doubt be thrilled to be included in the selection – after all their opinion means a lot. Why not make her feel just as special when looking for her outfit – enjoy a spot of lunch and make a real day of it. Not only does it tick another thing of your list, but it also leaves them with a treasured memory.

Make time for one-on-one pictures

One of the sweetest times you will have to spend with your mother on your wedding day is when you are getting wedding-ready: having your hair and makeup done, putting your dress on, and doing the “big reveal” for your bridesmaids once you are all “done-up.” 

This intimate moment is a perfect opportunity to enjoy some one-on-one time with your mum. There is nothing more special than her helping you get into your wedding dress – just make sure to have the tissues at the ready!

Have a first look


Even if your mum is the only one who really knows how to help you into your wedding dress, make sure to take a moment for her to see you fully ready on your wedding day. You are both more than likely going to shed a few tears – you are her baby after all. Make sure the photographer is poised ready.           

Surprise her with a special gift

It is likely your mum has put her heart and soul into your wedding day. What better way to recognise this then by presenting her with a heartfelt gift. It does not have to be elaborate but we agree that the more sentimental the better. Some ideas for a gift for your mum on your wedding day include a handwritten note, a framed picture of you and her or a piece of jewellery to go with her gown. You could even treat her to a mother-daughter spa day so the two of you can recover together after all the excitement winds down.

Get her involved with the ceremony

Why not go the non-traditional route and invite your mum to walk you down the aisle with your father or have her walk you halfway to meet your dad before he gives you away. Alternatively, why not get both your mums involved by making them witnesses to your marriage or ask them to do a reading. Whatever you decide, the ceremony is one of the most special moments of your wedding and will make mum feel included in a memory that you will carry for the rest of your life.

Borrow something from her wedding day

Why not use a piece of your mum's wedding gown or veil as something borrowed? If it is alright with her, take a piece of fabric from her wedding dress whether it be lace, beading, a sleeve, or a ruffle and incorporate it into your bouquet design by asking your florist to wrap the stems with the material. Your bouquet will feel that much more sentimental to you. Carrying something of your mum’s with you down the aisle is a sweet way to show that you'll always have her close to you. The bonus is that it can double up as your something old!

Use her favourite blooms

Your mum should always stand out! Help her feel special by giving her a unique bouquet or corsage. Why not personalise this with her favourite blooms? Or even better – why not add that extra touch by incorporating the same florals she had on her wedding day. This can be such a sentimental nod to your mum and really shows them how much they mean to you.

Honour Your Mum On Your Wedding Day Even When She is No Longer with You

Your wedding is a time of joy, happiness, and love. However, if you have lost your mother, grandmother, or a loved one–whether recently or years ago–your wedding may prove to be a poignant reminder that they are not there to celebrate with you.

There are so many uniquely beautiful ways to remember your passed loved ones on your wedding day. 

  • Consider leaving one chair empty. You can decorate it with photos of you and your loved one together so their memory is still present during your wedding. 
  • Consider attaching a photo in a locket to your bouquet to have their memory close to you while you walk down the aisle. 
  • Consider incorporating a design motif into your wedding décor, such as butterflies or birds, or a poem that represents the memory of your passed loved ones.

However you are celebrating this Sunday - the team at Coombe Lodge would like to personally wish all of our past, present and future mum's and all you special women out there a very Happy Mother’s Day this weekend! Take a look at the gallery to enjoy some more heart-warming shots of our past couples enjoying special moments with their loved ones. Just like you both, your mum’s have probably been wishing for this day to come and are most likely just as excited if not more so to watch you get married!

Happy Mother's Day All and Happy Sunday X

Photography Credits:

Lee Hatherall

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