The Dress Code


Choosing your wedding dress can be a daunting task. After all, the most important thing is that you like the way you look. Nothing is more enchanting than a bride who feels beautiful.

Here at Coombe Lodge, the idyllic country mansion wedding venue near Bristol and Weston-Super-Mare, we love helping to settle the nerves of brides-to-be and our resident weddings guru Martha is here with some advice around choosing the dream dress.

What am I going to wear?! This is a question most of us worry about, even if we are only invited to a wedding as a guest. When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, many women come close to having a nervous breakdown. You don’t have to let this happen! Below we have offered a brief guide to help you find your dream dress because we feel good advice is invaluable.

This is how you are guaranteed to find your dream dress: 

1. Browse through magazines and bridal publications, get a general idea of what is available, and mark what you like best. If it’s something you enjoy, you can put together a collage and choose your favourite options from it. Why not use Pinterest to create an ideas board with designs that catch your eye? Take a read of our previous guide on how to use Pinterest like a boss to decide your wedding theme.

2. In the early stages, find out about the prices in advance and decide what you want to spend on the dress. Don’t forget the accessories!

3. Consider the season, we’ve written previously about the importance of selecting a dress that suits the season. You’re going to be sitting, standing, walking and dancing so think about your comfort too!

4. If you like, get your key family & friends involved in making this choice. The ladies are sure to be delighted and its makes the experience all the more special. Their opinions will be invaluable to you.

5. Make appointments at the bridal boutiques well in advance. It is often the case that you won’t find the right dress on the first visit (don’t stress that is normal!). It is important to be aware that some companies have long delivery times, or special alterations may be required.

6. Be open and try on at least one dress that isn’t on your list of favourites.

7. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find your dream dress immediately. Good things take time and it is worth continuing to look.

8. If you already have a very specific idea for your dress, it makes sense to discuss this with a bridal dressmaker. You can get a unique, bespoke piece made especially for you.

9. And most importantly: Enjoy every fitting! This is your day and your special dress, and you are entitled to be a little princess again; this is perfectly acceptable and you will remember it forever.

Whether you have always had a clear idea or it is something you never gave a single thought to until the day you got engaged, the good news is that your dress is out there somewhere, whether extravagant, mini, maxi, long, wide, short, with or without pearls, stones, or embellishments. All styles, all possibilities, all wishes can be sewn in a few stitches for your big appearance. The most important thing is to find a dress that suits you, reflects your personality, and makes you the absolute centre of attention.

And finally, relax! Every other bride has been in the same situation. Talk to others about their experiences. You can even read our notes from a bride to find out how one of our previous brides went about it!


The team here at Coombe Lodge absolutely love helping you in any way that we can. If you’re newly engaged and would like to have a look around our beautiful venue in the Somerset countryside, please just get in touch by calling 01761 463355. And if you’ve already booked with us but are starting to feel stressed, then why not give us a call and share the load? We are here to help.

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