Wedding themes at Coombe Lodge

Once you’ve decided to hold your wedding or party at Coombe Lodge, and you’ve booked your date, the next thing to think about is how you’d like the celebration to look and feel.

You might decide that you don’t want a theme, but our advice would be to give a little thought as to your colour scheme, the sort of people that you are, the types of guest that you think you’ll invite and so on.

Coombe Lodge is a classically stunning venue, set in some of England’s most beautiful countryside. Here are some themes and creative ideas that we’ve seen can work really well.

  1.    Rustic

This is one of the most beautiful and simplest themes to recreate, and works so well in our rural setting. You could use a neutral colour palette, reflecting the colours in the countryside around Coombe Lodge. We often see Grooms wearing tweed, or softer colours than the traditional black or grey suit. Your flowers could incorporate wild flowers and herbs, and we’ve also seen pheasant feathers used to great effect in buttonholes. Brides always look gorgeous with dainty flowers in their hair. And hessian can look beautiful in our Music Room, working its way in to tables that are laid up for your all important Wedding Breakfast.


  1.       Vintage

The word ‘vintage’ can mean so many different things, and really does give a huge amount of flexibility. To fit in with Coombe Lodge, which was built between 1928 – 1932, you’d probably bring in some art deco influences in to your styling. But the property’s classic and grand style, with high ceilings and large fireplaces means that fashion and styling from almost any era could work here. We’ve seen 1950s and 60s style weddings here which have also worked really well. Or how about mixing up your timelines, and taking influence from more than one period? Victorian style capes, mixed with art deco jewels in your hair? Remember, it’s your day, so anything goes!



  1.       Subject matter

It might be that your fiancée and yourself have a particular interest that you’d like to bring in to your celebration. Maybe you both love books, or a particular film? Or maybe you have done a lot of travelling and would like to incorporate elements from different countries in to your big day? This is such a wonderfully personal way to ensure that your wedding is totally unique and centres around you. We’ve seen Harry Potter themed weddings, literary inspired weddings for bookworms, woodland weddings – you name it. And remember, you can use elements from your theme across everything – from the invites, to the table plan, to the outfits, to the flowers, to the food. Be creative!


  1.       Colour

It might be that you can’t think of one single subject matter that you’d like to use, but you really love one particular colour or colour scheme. Again, use the colour throughout all elements, from the first ‘save the date’ card right through to the wedding breakfast. Or maybe you don’t have a particular colour, but you love polka dots, stripes or pattern? This can also work really well. If you’re struggling to think of something, ask one of our team about what they’ve seen work well in the past.  



Whatever your ideas, we’d love to help you to plan your special day at Coombe Lodge, and would be delighted to describe ideas that we think could work for you when we show you around our stunning Somerset wedding venue. Please give Martha or one of the team a call today on 01761 463355.

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