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If you're getting married at Coombe Lodge, one of Somerset's most beautiful wedding venue, then you're going to be pretty chuffed once you've picked your date and got it all booked in. So then, surely the hardest bit of planning your wedding is done?

Well, yes you’re right to an extent, although of course there are many more details to think about, too.

One of the things that people often find a little bit stressful is choosing their wedding stationery. After all, we’re not just talking about invites here! With many of our Coombe Lodge couples opting for ‘Save the Date’ cards, as well as formal invites, maps, accommodation details, not to mention table plans and name places, you can see how some people find it a little bit overwhelming! And as with so many wedding related items, the cost can soon add up. We’ve come up with some of our favourite ways to inject a bit of personality in to your wedding stationery, as well as hopefully, keeping the all-important costs down!

1. Make things yourself

We totally understand that you’re probably busy enough, what with working, possibly raising children, and planning a wedding. But if you’ve booked a date in 2019 or 2020 (as many people have), then you might want to think about any elements of wedding stationery that you could do yourself in the time between now and then. So many printing companies online can help you to create beautiful works of art for a great price. Or perhaps you are a budding artist yourself? Have a look on Pinterest (see our previous blog) for some great ideas of things that you could perhaps do yourselves.

2. Create a wedding website

OK, we know that this isn’t necessarily everybody’s cup of tea. But if you’re catering for a large wedding party, perhaps coming from all corners of the UK, or even the world, then a wedding website can be a really convenient way of keeping all of the information in one place. You could set one up as soon as you set the date, and this of course alleviates the need for sending ‘Save the Date’ cards. Whilst you may still want to send formal, paper invites in the post, it does mean that you could put all of the additional information on the website (such as the ability to RSVP, dietary requirements, maps, information about local accommodation, taxi firms and so on). We’ve seen this work at many Coombe Lodge weddings and can really see that it relieves an admin headache! By giving your friends and family the log in, it means that they also feel part of the preparations as you build up to the big day itself.  

3. Use photographs instead of bespoke art

You don’t necessarily need to hire a bespoke designer to create your stationery. It might be that you have lots of black and white photographs of you and your partner, which could then be used as the invite? Or perhaps you’ve got some photographs of special places that you’d like to see included in the table names? Maybe you could include an image of Coombe Lodge itself? This can be a great way to inject some very personal touches to your wedding stationery.

4. Ask friends and family to help

Assuming you’ve decided that you are, in fact, too busy to look after the stationery yourself, the chances are that there is somebody close to you who perhaps does have a little more time on their hands, and maybe, is a bit of a creative genius! Have a think about anyone close to you who loves to do a spot of designing or photography. In most cases we’ve found that they really appreciate being asked – it’s a huge honour for them and it hopefully saves you the job of doing it yourself! At the very least, you could set them the task of doing some research in to what could work, for the budget available.

5. Skip some elements

Our final tip is that you needn’t think that you have to do absolutely everything that somebody else has done. For instance, ‘Save the Date’ cards are really useful, but can end up costing quite a lot. Is there a way that you could publish the date in an email to your friends and family instead? Or how about a Facebook page? If you’re sending Christmas cards, why not put a mention of your wedding date in those?

Whatever you decide to do for your wedding stationery, it will look fabulous to those who are part of your big day and they’ll appreciate whichever methods and personal touches that you’ve decided upon.

If you’d like to chat to anybody here at Coombe Lodge about any element of your wedding, or indeed to arrange a look around our beautiful venue, please give Martha or one of the team a call on 01761 463355.


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